Waiting for Dawn

by Estar Cohen Project

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The Estar Cohen Project's debut album is a diverse mix of original compositions. Each song is designed to unfold a story of its own. Cohen's distinct lyrical sensibility weaves through familiar themes like loss and the movement of time, while intimately providing her own perspective. In addition to the five original songs on the album, the band covers pianist Aaron Parks "Praise" (Invisible Cinema, 2008) with a set of original lyrics by Cohen. The album features guest artists saxophonist David Bixler, trumpeter Ben Wolkins, guitarist Dan Palmer, and vocalist Corey Howe. The rhythm section consists of drummer Travis Aukerman, bassist Steven Knurek, and pianist Josh Silver.


released August 28, 2014

All music and lyrics by Estar Cohen unless otherwise noted.

Estar Cohen - vocals
Josh Silver - piano
Travis Aukerman - drums
Steven Knurek bass

Corey Howe - vocals
Dan Palmer - guitar
David Bixler - alto saxophone
Ben Wolkins - trumpet

Marilyn Yakumithis - album artwork

Recorded at Big Sky located in Ann Arbor, MI



all rights reserved


Estar Cohen Toledo, Ohio

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Track Name: The Good Life
I lost mama's ashes
Threw them in the river in the dead of night
A mighty hand put up a good fight
Against all of my rashness

Oh, and I'll face them in the morning
All the wrath of my brothers and sisters now
And my uncle who showed up at the service
With nothin' but pictures in his bag
When he shook my hand

And we laughed and we laughed and we laughed
Lord knows that we cried
'Bout the times we never had
'Bout the good life

The sun'll beat down tomorrow
Make it rain, make it rain
My blisterin' hands'll hang low
Too long

I lost mama's ashes
Track Name: Dreamer
How time does often go
Faster than we'd like
Faster than we know

How moments seem to last
Only in our past
How we make them grow

Reach only to deceive
Fabricate the memories
As if they were dreams

But, dreams do often fade
As does the light of day
Night shall not wait
Track Name: Waiting for Dawn (For Lenny Breau)
Can't sleep
'Till the morning comes
Can't sleep
'Till the morning comes

How the minutes feel like hours
Hours become days
Weeks, then months do pass me by
Yet somehow I'm still years behind

Can't sleep
Waiting for the sun
Can't sleep
'Till this war is won

Guide my wandering mind to dream
Bring these tired eyes relief
Darkness only brings me grief
Track Name: Praise
I still hear whispers of your favorite song
Have you found your own voice now that you've gone?
So sweet

I'll rejoice for all we've had to share
Make a choice
Let go of this despair gently
And we shall meet again
In dreams gone by

Though our lives will never be the same
Don't forget the light that we have gained
In my heart, you shall remain
A whisper of love
I will praise
Track Name: Shadowboxing
Shadowboxing with a stranger
I am scared to meet
Where he goes, I'm sure to follow
Secrets I will keep

Some nights
I'm lost in my head
Could I be dreaming instead?